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Degrowing Knowledge Or Where Do We Go When Glory Outlives Us?

We were glorious
It was us against the world
The world being the opponent that
was collateral for us residing here

When we held the sky hostage
greedier eyes looked to the cosmos
Setting up a franchise on a planet
that wanted no part
in the plotting of gargoyles

Broken grass and stupid trees
when bees became gold
Supply met demand
And ever so gradually
octogenarians as scarce as
pure oxygen

Turning and turning and turning
somehow everything observes a loyal orbit
Plotting and scheming and planning
somehow we are the orbitless

A ray of sunshine
falls upon the ones who feel too deeply
and strangely it refracts against the purity of frustrated resistance
illuminating a tired caravan
to the shrinking possible

When the date palm accommodates the wind
and the coasting bird negotiates against nothingness
When two opposing waters confront without bleeding into the other
perhaps they teach us
how to degrow and rebuild
everything we know

Soukeyna Osei-Bonsu is a poet and writer based in London. She is author of the chapbook “All The Birds Were Invited To A Feast In The Sky” and has been featured in the publication The Drinking Gourd, The Black Explorer, Amaliah and showcased at MFest.

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